What 2021 means for Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature

February 4, 2021 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on What 2021 means for Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature

Like everything in our society, the government of Arizona is trying to find a path forward amidst COVID-19 and incredible political partisanship.

To look out for you, the ABA funds the only lobbyist on behalf of Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature. As a preliminary matter, the overall climate for media interests is expected to remain complicated during 2021. Partisan politics are making even the most innocuous of bills into politically-charged debates. This is forcing the ABA to proceed with caution on new projects and ensure protection of existing laws that benefit local broadcasters in Arizona.  Here are five of the new bills we are watching:

SB1252 (Corporate Income Tax; Phase-Out)
Summary:  Arizona’s Corporate Income Tax would be phased out over tax years 2022 to 2031 through reductions in tax rate of .49% each year.  Rate would be zero for tax years beginning January 1, 2031. ABA Position:  Monitoring.

HB2152 (Police; Camera Recordings; Required Redactions)
Summary:  Requires the redaction of certain images not subject to police investigation in police body camera footage before such footage can be released to the public. ABA Position:  Opposed.

HB2772 and SB1797 (Fantasy Sports Betting; Event Wagering)
Summary: Arizonans would be allowed to bet on professional and college sports at tribal casinos, at sites owned by pro sports teams, and online. Are there advertising implications? ABA Position: Investigating

HB2180 (Online Content; Publishers; Liability Fee)
Summary:  Makes people who edit or delete content that they allow users to publicly upload on the internet liable for damages suffered by the online user if the motivation is for “politically biased reasons”. ABA Position: Investigating.  

HB2320 (Sealing Arrest; Liability; Sentencing Records)
Summary:  The court would be authorized to seal the record of a person’s arrest, conviction and sentence. ABA Position: Investigating.