Public Education Program

The Arizona Media Association prioritizes partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit groups.

While we’re always available as a media resource and partner for big initiatives that touch the Arizona public, we’re also proud to offer a one-of-its-kind and deeply discounted advertising program called the Public Education Program (PEP).

If you are an Arizona government agency or non-profit interested in a PEP campaign, email

All about Arizona’s PEP program

What is the Public Education Program?

PEP makes it affordable for critical public messaging to get out to almost every Arizona audience.

The program offers bulk, statewide advertising with daily ads from more than 250 urban and rural local media brands alongside pricing that provides an average 75% discount. PEP also includes free ad production.

PEP is only available to Arizona government agencies and non-profit organizations with public interest, non-commercial messages. To protect the integrity of the PEP discounts, partnerships can not run simultaneously with other paid local radio, TV and print campaigns. PEP inventory is also limited throughout each year. Planning is key!

How does PEP work?

Partners receive daily ad placement from both urban and rural local media brands across Arizona. This includes all major network TV affiliates, most radio stations and every major newspaper brand in the state. Campaigns run in both English and Spanish on local TV and radio, plus on each brand’s digital streaming platforms. Campaigns also run on the digital channels of nearly every Arizona newspaper brand in the form of both pre-roll and display ads with additional print ad support. In addition, campaigns are boosted with Google display and YouTube pre-roll ads to maximize reach.

How do TV, radio, print, and digital ads get created?

On a fully pro bono basis, the AMA creates all commercials for each partner message. This includes producing up to two unique ads in both English and Spanish across TV, radio, print and digital channels. Partners can run multiple ads at the same time to maximize different messages. Partners can also change ads at different times of the year. For extended partnerships, the AMA can create two new ads every six months. As a legal rule, all ads must include a brief disclaimer to name the paying campaign sponsor.

How long do campaigns run and how often can the TV and radio ads get changed?

PEP campaigns run for a minimum of five months, but many continue as long-term, ongoing partnerships. The AMA can update/change the ads from any PEP partner as frequently as monthly. Change requests must be submitted 30 days ahead of time. If new ads need to be created by the AMA, a 60-day notice is required.

What reporting do Arizona PEP partners receive?

In return for the investment in our program, the AMA provides a monthly proof of performance that shows when and where every ad run occurs. We also provide a monthly summary report that values each ad compared to normal prices and our promised ROI, which is always at least 4:1 (75% discount).

What is the Arizona Media Association?

The Arizona Media Association (AMA) is the newly combined operation of the Arizona Broadcasters Association and Arizona Newspapers Association. We represent Arizona’s local media on TV, radio, print and digital.

How do I get involved?

If you are an Arizona government agency or non-profit interested in a PEP campaign, email or give us a call at 602-252-4833 and ask for Colleen Brady.