Local media membership has 4 core focus areas in 2024:

Local media recruitment efforts

The AMA covers all costs to fund internships at member stations. In 2024, that will include an investment to pay for 50 interns! We also fund media career fairs at all three state universities and financially support college scholarships for rising local media stars. In addition, we host a centralized and statewide media job board and fund student training programs to futureproof local media in Arizona!

Local media data + information hub & training

Our Association financially underwrites an independent research study each year to get an updated snapshot of Arizona audience consumption habits. We also supply resource guides for legal needs, vendor contacts, agency lists and contacts for media operations statewide. In addition, the AMA offers a free on-demand training platform for most media disciplines and offers one-on-one training to help new AES get up and running quickly. In addition, we provide our radio and TV members with access to inspection programs to help them stay in FCC compliance, enabling us to serve as a bridge for the state’s emergency alert system. We’re also in the process of rebuilding a contest and awards program to properly recognize all the exceptional work happening in Arizona local media!

Local media advocacy and lobbying

The AMA fully funds the only lobbyist for Arizona local media at the state legislature, fighting back against any legislation that may impact the critical role of local media in Arizona. We also offer free legal support for members and set aside sizable dollars each year to fund legal battles that affect multiple media operations, most notably for first amendment and news access issues. In addition, we work closely with Arizona’s DC congressional delegation to fight for national legislation that supports Arizona local media.

Local news preservation and support

Protecting local news is critical in Arizona. That’s why we’ve launched the Arizona Local News Foundation to connect communities with more local news and information. Our coalition has also launched a major partnership for 2024 to produce and distribute political debates. Media partners will have no costs to participate and full control to adapt the product.

Non-media associate partner membership gives you access to:

Media Speaking Network Access

Are you looking for someone in the Arizona local media industry to be a master of ceremony at your next event? Maybe you need someone to sit on a panel discussion? The AMA works with associate members to help coordinate the participation of some of the biggest names in Arizona local media. Our goal is to help create forums that open up new dialogue and leave participants taking part in unrivaled events.

Evolutionary Inside Information

You’ll gain access to our email newsletters and analysis of the evolutionary trends and new technologies literally changing the face of Arizona mass media. Your member support will also help protect the critical role local media plays in our communities.

Tools that help all of us grow

A strong association is a key to elevating the caliber of operations in the entire marketplace. With tools for education, a strong political presence, and attention to the underserved members of our community, the association provides necessary tools for all of us to grow. The Hubbard organization and family is totally committed to this fine organization.

Tools that help all of us grow

Trip Reeb

Hubbard Radio

Strong community

The association united broadcasters in a joint effort to negotiate the successful renewal of a 20-year lease renewal with the South Mountain telecommunications site, and without their support and guidance, there would have been a much different outcome. We will continue to be an active member and we encourage everyone to do the same!

Strong community

Rich Howe


Return on investment

Every dollar counts and spending money that doesn't bring a return these days is just not done. Information, sales training and the legal hotline all bring a return to the station. Belonging to the association is important, because it's an organization that impacts decisions that directly affect the radio business and is critical these days for future growth.

Return on investment

Mike Barna

KSWG-FM Wickenburg