Arizona Local News Foundation

The Arizona Local News Foundation exists to connect communities with more local news and information.

Backed by the Arizona Media Association and overseen by an independent board of local journalism supporters, we fund programs that ensure local news is accessible in every Arizona community.

Over just the last decade, Arizona has lost hundreds of local journalists and dozens of local media sources because of fast-changing technology and weakened business models. This is a threat to democracy just as much as a threat to information.

We’re here to put a stake in the ground with solutions and we need more philanthropic support to join us. We are a coalition supported by community leaders, corporate partners and hundreds of Arizona local media brands across TV, radio, print and digital platforms.




Addressing the Arizona local news crisis with 4 solutions:

Journalist Fund: We fund grants between $5,000 and $50,000 to help Arizona newsrooms hire and retain journalists. This fund prioritizes local journalism in underserved communities and for underserved initiatives.

Collaboration Fund: We fund a yearly collaboration among Arizona newsrooms to more aggressively report on and identify solutions for a key topic facing our state. Collaborative projects come with a Foundation-funded project manager plus dollars for participating newsrooms who agree to assign a journalist to the collaborative.

Recruitment Fund: We fully fund paid internships in newsrooms statewide to help build a pipeline of future journalists across Arizona. All internships are funded at the $3,500 level to allow interns to work an average of 20 hours per week for 12 weeks at the state’s minimum wage level.

Startup Fund: We award seed money to new local news operations targeting underserved communities or subject matter in Arizona. Funding can go to for-profit or non-profit news models. Underserved communities include areas in news deserts or historically marginalized populations.

Our Arizona Local News Foundation is indebted to the below Founding Donors who support our critical community mission.

Local news fills a role no other group replicates in Arizona:

Information Hub:
Every hour of every day, local news gathers information from across our communities to deliver basic facts and support a free exchange of ideas.

A diverse local news community covers local government, police, school boards and other institutions, acting as a watchdog and creating accountability. This scrutiny is vital for preventing corruption and ensuring that these institutions serve the public interest.

Emergency Information:
During times of confusion and crisis, especially during public safety threats and natural disasters, local news is often the only support for people to make life-saving decisions.

Community Connection + Economic Engine:
Local news binds communities together by reporting about local events, local businesses, local sports and local success stories. This information helps people shop, invest and work, which in turn supports the local economy.

Chair: Stacy Sullivan | Gannett, The Arizona Republic
Debbie Bush | Gray TV – Arizona’s Family 3TV/CBS5
Andrew Deschapelles | Telemundo Arizona
Angela Gillespie | CEO, Gawley Companies
Teri Hayt | Report for America
Anita Helt | Scripps Media – ABC15/Arizona61
Tom Hoof | Marketing Executive
Brian Kramer | Kramer Publishing
Michael Mallace | East Valley Institute of Technology
John Misner | Retired 12News/Tegna + ASU Cronkite
Julie Shaw | Julie Shaw Consulting
Cassandra Snelling | Lane Terralever