Webinar: COVID-19 tips for radio and TV sellers

The ABA is offering a digital conversation survival guide completely focused on radio and TV sellers.

The 45-minute FREE conversation is built for both AEs and managers with a focus on what you need to be saying to your clients, how to best position yourself to avoid cancellations, and the way to put yourself in the most leverageable position for when the COVID-19 crisis begins to clear up.

The goal is to provide tangible takeaways and a message of hope for both you and your customers. The conversation will be led by Derron Steenbergen of the Swagger Institute and P1 Learning’s Speed Marriott. If you are still on the fence about joining this conversation, check out this video preview of the event. Those who attend will also have an opportunity to invite their actual advertisers to a second webinar (focused on customers) next week.

We all know media sellers are scared, stressed and confused. Get a free boost in less than an hour.

Enough! COVID-19 tips for radio and TV sellers
Wednesday, April 15 at 12pm Arizona Time


Apr 15 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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