Media Sales Survival Guide Part 2

Thanks to overwhelming interest and participation in our first sales survival guide webinar, the ABA is offering a “PART 2” NEXT WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22.

As with the original conversation, the dialogue will be completely focused on radio and TV sales — but this time it will be tailor-built for your clients and focused on a small business survival guide.

Many of your clients were told that they were “non-essential” and will be closed until further notice. We’d like to help reassure them, reinvent their message, and reignite their business.

Stations are welcome and encouraged to bring ONE CLIENT to next week’s conversation. Don’t worry, the whole event is being built with this in mind. This is NOT a sell for them to buy TV or radio airtime right now. Instead, it’s meant to help build your client relationships even stronger with tangible tips.

The 45-minute FREE conversation will once again be led by Derron Steenbergen of the Swagger Institute and P1 Learning’s Speed Marriott. If you attended this week’s webinar, you have a feel for the style and candid conversation that will come.
Enough! Why Survive When You Can Thrive?
A Webinar For YOU and YOUR Client

Wednesday, April 22 at 9am or 12pm Arizona Time 
(2 options to choose from)


Apr 22 2020


9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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