ABA Event: Political file refresher with FCC leaders

You’ve probably read the headlines about new FCC action against stations not in compliance with online political file rules. You can expect the FCC to continue monitoring broadcasters, levying fines and offering labor-intense settlements.

To help ensure your stations remain in FULL compliance, the ABA is offering a highly unique live event next week with the FCC team that oversees the online political file rules. They will discuss the steps needed to comply with the rules, the impact on a station’s renewal and the FCC’s new consent decree process that some station groups have already entered into.

There’s no need to register in advance. Just add the below to your calendar:

Political File Rules Webinar with the FCC Panel
Wednesday August 19, 2020 at 10am (Arizona time)
Panelists: Robert Baker (FCC) – Gary Schonman (FCC) – Sima Nilsson (FCC)
JOIN THE EVENT: https://zoom.us/j/94630830414

As a reminder, the ABA also offers the below to help with political file needs:

1) The ABA has an FCC lawyer and Arizona broadcast lawyer on retainer for any process question. There is no cost for ABA members to utilize their expertise. Not sure about accepting an ad? Reach out!

2) The FCC political file rules are complex. That’s why we now cover the cost of the NAB-created PB-19 forms for stations without these plug-and-play forms. The forms create a check list of all requirements.


Aug 19 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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