Arizona Media Association releases 2024 consumer research study showing statewide shifts in media habits + local trend around trust

April 17, 2024 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Arizona Media Association releases 2024 consumer research study showing statewide shifts in media habits + local trend around trust

PHOENIX – Newly released data from the Arizona Media Association shows consumers are using an ever-expanding list of platforms for entertainment, community connection and news.

Produced as an annual report each spring, this year’s Arizona Media Study shows local TV as the top statewide media source due to heavy consumption of live sports, events and news. Paid streaming video platforms, local radio, free streaming video platforms and paid streaming audio subscriptions round out the top five sources.

Across social media, the top three platforms in Arizona remain YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Netflix is Arizona’s #1 overall TV streaming subscription, followed by Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+.

“This 2024 data shows a stabilizing picture of both social media and streaming media platforms,” said Chris Kline, President and CEO of the Arizona Media Association, “After many of these platforms saw declining use in Arizona last year, we may be hitting a plateau in total consumption even if individual platforms continue to rise and fall.”

The 2024 study also paints a detailed picture of the evolving cable TV landscape, digital consumption of local radio, diversified streaming audio solutions and digital-first distribution models led by local print brands.

Trust is another centerpiece of the 2024 Arizona Media Study where 86% of Arizona consumers say they have a neutral or higher opinion of their local news, dramatically outpacing research trends that show national media trust now below 50%.

“For local brands, this 2024 research study shows how community connection creates trust in unrivaled ways,” said Kline. “But it also describes the increasingly critical need for those brands to serve content across multiple platforms to maintain impact.”

Here are more of the 2024 research highlights:

-Arizona consumers point to TV commercials, radio ads and online ads as the top paid platforms to learn about new products.

-While TikTok only captures 45% of the total Arizona audience, the social media platform attracts 75% of adults 18 to 34.

-Streaming cable TV platforms like YouTubeTV now attract 56% of Arizona audiences; traditional satellite/cable attracts 37%.

-Across all platforms, Arizona consumers are reaching for more media in 2024 (there’s no decline), especially via social media.

-The dominant player in streaming audio remains Spotify, but the platform only attracts 29% of audiences in Arizona.

-Across local radio, 48% of Arizona audiences say they listen via streaming platforms; 76% still listen via AM/FM signals.

-Arizona audiences consume content from local newspaper brands primarily using digital platforms by a margin of 4 to 1.


The Arizona Media Study is an annual report issued by the Arizona Media Association. The study is independently conducted by the research firm SmithGeiger. To build this 2024 report, SmithGeiger conducted 1,235 interviews based on census data that matches Arizona demographics. All data was collected in January 2024.

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