2024 Arizona Political Debates

Planning Note: General Election debates will be scheduled in August and begin in early September

What makes the 2024 Arizona debates unique?

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission and Arizona Media Association are partnering to make Arizona’s 2024 debates the most accessible in Arizona history. We’re collaborating with dozens of local media brands to make that happen! As candidates confirm participation, these debates are expected to include Arizona’s US Senate race, US Congressional Districts, Corporation Commission and select county-level races during both the 2024 primary and general elections.

All debates will air in partnership with local media on TV, radio, and print/digital destinations. The result of this partnership is expected to be statewide simulcasting of major debates, regional simulcasting of local debates, and digital distribution of every debate. All debates will also be simulcast with Spanish audio translation and include an ASL interpreter.

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Find your Arizona local media debate coverage

Debates coverage is only possible because of support from Arizona local media brands. As schedules confirm, each debate listed below will be bolded and clickable to a list of coverage partners. Miss a debate? See YouTube coverage here.

Planning Note: General Election debates will be scheduled in August and begin in September.

More about the format and rules of each debate

Leveraging a highly transparent and inclusive process, every 2024 debate has been planned as a collaboration that includes the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission, BitFire Studios and the RIESTER ad agency in addition to the Arizona Media Association coalition of more than 300 local radio, TV, print and digital partners. The debate structure and moderator selection process has been built in partnership with news leaders from media operations around Arizona.

Each debate will follow a traditional 60-minute format with candidates standing at lecterns. Candidates will have two minutes for an opening statement and one minute for a closing statement. After opening statements, questions will be posed to each candidate by the moderators. Only the candidate asked to answer each question will have their microphone open during this time. After completing their response (on a time limit), all mics will open and other candidates will have an opportunity to provide rebuttals/interaction.

The Arizona Media Association is providing these debates to every local media brand. There is no exclusivity and no cost for media to participate. These debates are a public service and our distribution plan is to connect political candidates directly with Arizona voters. For local media brands not already participating in the debates, email ama@azmedia.org to get involved right now.