The latest report from AdImpact shows Arizona with the second highest 2024 political advertising spend of any state. It is expected to be the most expensive cycle of all time with a forecast $821 Million in Arizona advertising.

While the lion’s share of this projection is forecast for local TV advertising, 20% of the spend is also expected to go specifically to radio or digital-only platforms (and thus create opportunity for print and digital brands).

Read the full report here.

While this is only a projection, it clearly shows unique opportunity for sales teams. As we get closer to election season, please reach out with questions.

For our broadcast members, below are the political dates and lowest unit rate (LUR) advertising windows plus the NAB public file-friendly political agreement forms for both candidate and non-candidate/issue buys and a political broadcasting FAQs “cheat sheet” from our DC lawyer.

Presidential Preference Election: March 19, 2024
45-day LUR period begins February 3, 2024

Normal Primary Election: August 6, 2024
45-day LUR period begins June 22, 2024

General Election: November 5, 2024
60-day LUR period begins September 6, 2024