The Board of Directors for our Arizona Media Association has approved a 2024 member dues structure that keeps costs flat or reduced for all members. 

This dues structure puts all radio, TV, print and digital members under the same structure to ensure equity.

In every case, this should result in a very sizable dues reduction for newspaper members. For broadcasters, the dues should remain flat to 2023 (which already reflected a 25% reduction from the previous year). 

All member dues will be calculated very simply based on annual gross income. Dues will also aggregate every member brand owned by the same company. Associate members (non media partners) will continue to pay a flat fee.

See the full 2024 dues structure

In addition to standard dues, Public Notice newspapers will be charged a low and once-yearly flat fee to help cover lobbying costs earmarked for public notice.

Invoices will go out in November to allow members to pay with 2023 dollars or wait until January to use 2024 dollars.