Coming to the ABA in 2023: 7 core focus areas and record investment

November 28, 2022 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Coming to the ABA in 2023: 7 core focus areas and record investment

The Arizona Broadcasters Association plans to GROW HIGHER our member station focus in 2023. We are planning a record-breaking $650,000 in investments to help protect and futureproof business. That includes a focus on 7 key areas: 

  1. STATEWIDE LOCAL MEDIA AD CAMPAIGN: $180,000 investment
    The ABA is extending its paid ad campaign to promote local TV and radio. We will again target cord cutters and digital audiences to market Arizona broadcasters as a free alternative to paid subscriptions. 
    INTERNS: The ABA is dedicating a record $120,000 to fund paid internships at member stations in 2023. Our goal is to inspire new careers and innovation across Arizona broadcasting.

    CAREER FAIRS AND RECRUITMENT: The ABA is funding career fairs and sales/engineering training program at all three state universities throughout 2023 to help stations recruit. 

    SCHOLARSHIPS: On your behalf, the ABA plans to allocate a limited number of college scholarships at all three state universities. We support students who have a passion to pursue Arizona broadcasting careers.
  3. FREE LEGAL SUPPORT AND ADVOCACY: $140,000 investment
    LAWYERS: The ABA is covering all costs for member stations to ask questions of our Washington DC legal counsel and Arizona broadcast lawyer on topics like advertising, EEO, compliance, towers and audits.

    LEGAL DEFENSE: We’re reserving nearly $50,000 to help fund legal issues that affect multiple member stations, most notably for first amendment and news access issues that come up. 

    ARIZONA LOBBYING: The ABA will continue to fund the only lobbyist for Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature, watching for any legislation – including taxes – that may impact the broadcasting business in Arizona. 

    DC LOBBYING: The ABA will continue its track-record of success in partnership with Arizona’s congressional delegation in DC to advocate for legislation that makes it easier to keep Arizona broadcasting strong.

    BIG BUSINESS ADVOCACY AND PROJECT LEADERSHIP: The ABA remains focused on advocacy with Arizona ad agencies. We are also leading all EAS efforts in coordination with state officials and again acting as the bridge for shared TV and radio projects across the state.
    The ABA is dramatically reducing costs for our FCC inspection program (ABIP). The program audits the internal practices of each station to help ensure they stay in FCC compliance. The program costs will reduce to just $100 per station in 2023, removing nearly all previous expense to make this program within reach of every member. 
  5. LOCAL NEWS FOUNDATION SEED MONEY: $50,000 investment
    The ABA is launching an Arizona Local News Foundation in 2023 to fundraise for the future of local news. The goal is to invest more dollars in protecting Arizona local news and the irreplaceable community support it provides. To help launch the foundation, the ABA is dedicating up to $50,000 while we recruit for other dollars.
    The ABA plans to go back into the field to get an updated snapshot of Arizona audience consumption habits for 2023. We know stations need more data to help close sales deals and understand today’s media use. 
  7. STAFF TRAINING, EVENTS AND COACHING: $25,000 investment
    ON-DEMAND TRAINING: We’ll offer our free P1 Training on-demand digital courses in most broadcast disciplines, including media sales, marketing, management, content and HR. 

    AE TRAINING: The ABA will financially underwrite one-on-one expert training to help new AEs get up and running more quickly. We’ll again offer a 7-week on-boarding program that includes personalized training.

    LIVE EVENTS: The ABA will continue hosting digital live events to offer education on trends, sales and leadership.