Keeping your radio or TV station safe in Arizona

July 1, 2022 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Keeping your radio or TV station safe in Arizona

In these doldrums of summer, the ABA is reminding every radio and TV station to review their building and staff safety protocols.

We continue to live in politically charged time where media finds itself right at the center of many debates.

We continue to suggest three focus areas: 

  • Building entry protocols and general security awareness among staff (is the building locked to outside visitors and is your staff aware of their surroundings)
  • Field crew safety (is it possible to staff “teams” in public settings instead of sending crews out solo)
  • Branded station vehicles and logo apparel (think about unmarked cars and non-branded shirts/hats/microphone flags to minimize attention)

The ABA also keeps a watch for any repeat issue or theme that faces broadcasters.

If you have a threat of violence, please let me know so we can pool resources and make sure to share that information with others.