The ABA has released a treasure house of data about how Arizona consumers use media in 2022. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Local TV remains the #1 source of video consumption in Arizona
  • Local radio remains the #1 source of audio consumption in Arizona
  • The strength of local radio and TV can be attributed to TWO factors:
    • Community connection (local news, information and relatability) 
    • Digital platform investments (audiences are following local brands)
  • While 75% of Arizona residents say they consume radio from an over-the-air signal, almost 50% say they also consume local radio from a digital platform (smart speaker, computer, smartphone).
  • While cable and satellite cord cutting continues (those platforms now serve 37% of the Arizona audience), digital cable services like YouTube TV and Sling TV offer a counter-weight and now serve 26% of Arizona consumers. Equally notable, 26% of the Arizona audience now uses a TV antenna to access local stations.
  • Over-the-air signals remain a huge source of audience for both TV and radio, but digital adoption and media fragmentation are both here to stay. Our data shows inflation is now creating fatigue for paid media subscription services. That provides Arizona TV and radio stations with a unique opportunity to continue their free and local-focused digital content and revenue expansion on new platforms.

Media consumption habits on radio, TV, print and digital platforms

Consumer car purchase priorities in Arizona to share with clients.

Consumer health care priorities in Arizona to share with clients.

Home improvements/maintenance priorities in Arizona to share with clients.

The ABA remains happy to make an in-person or virtual visit to your stations in the weeks ahead to present this data to your staff, sales teams or any other key audiences! It’s free data for every member!