Arizona Broadcasters Association launches ‘plug in to local’ campaign, partners to give away free TV antennas

January 27, 2022 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Arizona Broadcasters Association launches ‘plug in to local’ campaign, partners to give away free TV antennas

The Arizona Broadcasters Association (ABA) is launching a major statewide media campaign on February 1, 2022 to promote the unique public value of local radio and TV stations throughout Arizona.

As part of a year-long effort, the ABA has partnered with Arizona-based ChannelMaster to give away free antennas to any Arizona household that can receive the free, over-the-air TV signals distributed by dozens of local TV stations across our state. More than 75% of Arizona residents can receives these HDTV signals.

The theme of the campaign is “plug in to local” with a focus that highlights the free local news, live sports and entertainment offered by Arizona radio and TV stations across many platforms.

“There’s a long list of digital media subscription services out there clamoring for monthly fees from every Arizona resident,” said ABA President Chris Kline. “Arizona’s local radio and TV stations offer a free alternative for Arizona and provide content that we simply can’t get from any other source. Our ‘plug in to local’ campaign is launching to ensure every Arizona resident has easy access to this free content.”

All marketing messages for the “plug into local” campaign are running in both English and Spanish and direct audiences to a central landing page at

Arizona residents can use the landing page to order a free TV antenna and search for the local radio and TV stations available in their zip code, no matter where they live in Arizona.

Sample messaging from the campaign is detailed below:

English TV commercial  |  Spanish TV commercial  |  English radio commercial  |  Spanish radio commercial

The ‘plug in to local’ campaign targets Arizona cord cutters and digital audiences across social media, OTT and streaming audio platforms with video, audio and graphic elements.

Partnering with the ABA on the campaign coordination is Arizona-based agency Off Madison Ave.

About the Arizona Broadcasters Association
Founded in 1952, the Arizona Broadcasters Association represents Arizona’s over-the-air radio and TV stations. ABA membership includes more than 225 radio stations, television stations and associate members. The ABA funds Arizona’s only broadcast lobbyist at the state legislature, offers station protection programs to prevent routine FCC inspections and fines, provides free personalized and on-demand training, and promotes the voice of Arizona broadcasters on Capitol Hill in Washington to better influence fair regulation. The ABA also supports the defense of independent journalism with financial support of major Arizona legal fights. The ABA invests heavily in the next generation of Arizona broadcasters too, funding paid internships for member stations across Arizona and partnering with universities and trade schools to award scholarships and help build more effective recruiting programs. Each year, the ABA also commissions and covers all costs for an independent study of consumer media use in Arizona and is now investing in paid marketing efforts to help promote over-the-air TV and radio as free alternatives to the growing list of paid subscription services used by consumers. For more information on the ABA, please visit