ABA leading new effort to stop federal radio tax

July 27, 2021 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on ABA leading new effort to stop federal radio tax

Each and every year, the ABA joins with other state broadcasting associations and the NAB to squash any attempt at new performance taxes for playing music on the radio. Our lobbying efforts in Congress have been 100% successful over the last decade thanks to strong support for the Local Radio Freedom Act in Washington that prevents any new performance tax.

As you’ve probably read in the trades, new legislation was introduced in the House Judiciary Committee last month that would force a new performance tax on local radio stations. Luckily, the bill has struggled to get traction (there are just 6 members of the US House supporting it) whereas the Local Radio Freedom Act we support to prevent this performance tax has 168 House members supporting it.

We don’t take this support for granted, and we need 218 members of Congress to officially squash this latest bill. We’re doing everything we can to get more members from Arizona’s US House delegation to sign their support to the Local Radio Freedom Act and officially put this to bed. Please reach out with questions.