April 2021 Update: How the AZ legislature could affect broadcasting

March 29, 2021 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on April 2021 Update: How the AZ legislature could affect broadcasting

It remains legislative season at the state Capitol and there are always implications for Arizona broadcasters. You can read the most recent tracking report here, or browse the below summary of key bills we are watching:

1. HB2772 and SB1797 (Fantasy Sports Betting; Event Wagering)
ABA Position: Support
Summary: Arizonans would be allowed to bet on professional and college sports at tribal casinos, at sites owned by pro sports teams, and online. There are large advertising implications here. Many stations have seen a sizable jump in buys around this category as their states have made betting legal. These new bills are also supported by Governor Ducey.
Status:  Approved by the Senate Commerce Committee; Awaiting further action in the Senate; expected passage at this point.

2. HB2461 (DPS; Body Cameras; Appropriations)
ABA Position: Opposed to Appropriations Committee amendment
Summary:  Appropriates general fund money for Department of Public Safety to purchase and deploy 1,267 police body cameras for  DPS personnel.  
Status:  Passed House 59-0 on 2/24; Approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee on 3/23 with an amendment preventing the disclosure of body camera recordings “unless the recording involves a criminal act.”

3. SB1252 (Corporate Income Tax; Phase-Out)
ABA Position:  Monitoring.
Summary:  Arizona’s Corporate Income Tax would be phased out over tax years 2022 to 2031 through reductions in tax rate of .49% each year.  Rate would be zero for tax years beginning January 1, 2031.
Status:  Likely dead for the session but could be part of a larger discussion of tax relief within the budget negotiations. 

4. HB2152 (Police; Camera Recordings; Required Redactions)
ABA Position: Opposed.
Summary:  Requires the redaction of certain images not subject to police investigation in police body camera footage before such footage can be released to the public. 
Status: Passed the House 31-29 (party-line vote; Rs for/Ds against); Approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on 3/11 (again on party line vote); Awaiting further action in the Senate.