Updated public media campaign launches to educate Arizona about hands free driving law

January 22, 2021 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Updated public media campaign launches to educate Arizona about hands free driving law

More than 100 Arizona TV and radio stations are joining together to pledge more coverage for a public awareness campaign about distracted driving in our state.

Starting January 1, 2021, Arizona drivers can be cited for using handheld cellphones while behind the wheel. The law prohibits any kind of cellphone use while driving — including talking, texting, and scrolling social media — unless the device is in a hands-free mode. Watching and recording video, and any other cellphone use that could cause distracted driving, is also prohibited.

The campaign led by the Arizona Chapter National Safety Council has already reached millions of Arizonians since it first launched in 2020 with the Arizona Broadcasters Association, and it’s now getting a renewed focus in 2021. Rick Murray, CEO of ACNSC, praised the partnership.

“Educating people on the deadly consequences of distracted driving will save countless lives in Arizona,” said Murray.

While the hands-free law first went into effect in 2019, law enforcement was only able to issue warnings up until this year. Fines will now begin.

“Distracted driving has been a major cause of roadway crashes in Arizona, and we are excited to partner with ACNSC to tell people to just put down your phone when you are driving,” said Alberto Gutier, Director, Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

The media campaign will air on TV and radio stations throughout Arizona, in both urban and rural communities, throughout 2021.

You can view the TV and radio ads here:

English Radio Spots:
Driving Law E :30 – TEXT2112
Ashley E :30 – TEXT2104
Distracted Driving E :30 – TEXT2105

Spanish Radio Spots:
Driving Law S :30 – TEXT2113
Distracted Driving S :30 – TEXT2106

English TV Spots:
Driving Law E :30 – TEXT 2210
Ashley E :30 – TEXT2207
Distracted Driving E :30 – TEXT2208

Spanish TV Spots:
Driving Law S :30 – TEXT 2211
Distracted Driving S :30 – TEXT2209

Tips, resources, and opportunities to share your story are available at DDAffectedMeAZ.org.

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