The ABA prioritizes education about our fast-changing media world. As we head into a new year, we’ve posted registration information about four virtual live events. These FREE events are open to anyone in Arizona media:

Live Event: How to come out of COVID-19 BETTER (and not bitter) as a broadcaster
The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the best educations a leader can have, if they use this time to learn

APRIL 15, 11AM: 
Live Event: How to use email marketing without overextending your staff
Email can be a powerful marketing tool for broadcasters, but many don’t have the manpower to take full advantage of it

MAY 20, 9AM: 
Live Event: Tips to cover law enforcement fairly as local broadcasters
It is journalism’s highest obligation to hold law enforcement accountable for the enormous power society gives them. But we must be fair.  We must be courageous. We must be independent.