Is your station in EEO compliance? How to stay on track during COVID times

December 1, 2020 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Is your station in EEO compliance? How to stay on track during COVID times

The FCC’s EEO Rule requires radio and television stations to ensure nondiscrimination in employment and to make added efforts to recruit and offer training programs. Compliance is required to have a license.

There’s a lengthy EEO packet that outline all guidelines, but in a nutshell, EEO compliance requires most stations to do three things: 

  • Widely distribute information concerning each full-time job vacancy
  • Provide notice of each full-time job vacancy to recruitment organizations
  • Complete 2-4 longer-term recruitment initiatives from a list that includes job fairs, scholarships, internship programs and training efforts. 

Because we are all living in a world of virtual work and financial hardship, the ABA is prioritizing several new ways to help Arizona broadcasters meet these obligations. Each of the below options is available FREE to member stations: 

  1. Universal job board for statewide broadcasting jobs: The ABA maintains a centralized place where stations can post directly as they have openings. We regularly promote the job board to individuals looking for broadcasting careers in Arizona. 
  2. Virtual Job Fairs: The ABA is now funding the cost for virtual career fairs with our state’s three universities. We plan to offer up another set of fairs in early 2021 and will share details in this newsletter.
  3. Paid Internships: The ABA funded 20 paid internships at member stations this year and plans to open up applications in 2021 to fund another round.
  4. Training Efforts: The ABA continues to offer virtual ABA live events, our virtual P1 training program for nearly every broadcast discipline, and virtual one-on-one AE training. For any station group not taking advantage of these programs, please reach out for details.

Because there are so many virtual opportunities available, stations should not expect the FCC to offer forgiveness for not achieving EEO compliance in 2020 or 2021. Let us know how we can help you.