Local media sales course to launch at ASU Online

February 10, 2020 by Arizona Media Association Uncategorized Comments Off on Local media sales course to launch at ASU Online

Thanks to feedback from Arizona broadcasters, we’re pleased to announce ASU is launching a first-of-its kind online media sales course March 16 that will be marketed to students across the university. The goal is to get more students in Arizona to consider a career in local media sales.

The ASU Online course (MCO 494 – Topic: Media Products, Sales and Solutions) is open for registration right now. It will explore the use of radio, television and digital products as advertising and marketing tools. Students will work on a case study, analyze the customer’s need and develop a sales proposal using several of the products discussed.

Marketing the course is where we need help from local media. To enroll in the class, you have to be an ASU student (or cross over from UA/NAU). There are no other pre-requisites. Please help share this with any young people who you think might have a knack for media sales. The course is already listed in the online enrollment tool at ASU Online.